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Disassembly of Logitech Z-10 Desktop Speakers

First and foremost, when working with any electronic gear, make sure the equipment is completely unplugged from any power source, including USB.

Tools needed:

– a thin-bladed knife (a utility knife is best, as it will likely get covered with epoxy) – a Phillips head screwdriver – pliers (needle-nose is preferable)

1. Take the thin-bladed knife and, at one of the front speaker housing corners, wedge it between the black, plastic, speaker housing face and the silver trim piece.

Logitech Z-10 speaker being disassembled - photo by KilmerMedia

2. Gently and slowly rock the knife back and forth to cut through the adhesive that’s holding the face plate to the speaker housing. Take care to keep the knife lateral to the face plate… the back of the plate has a black coating on it, making scratches transparent and very visible from the front.

scratches on a Logitech Z-10 speaker from disassembly - photo by KilmerMedia

3. Make 4-5 passes around the speaker housing with the knife, cutting a little further into the adhesive each time.

4. Once the face plate starts to come loose, with your hands, gently go around the housing a few times, prying the plate up a little more each time. Since it’s plastic and could break, be sure to not bend it too far.

removing the faceplate of a Logitech Z-10 speaker during disassembly - photo by KilmerMedia

5. Once the plate is off, grab the Phillips head screwdriver and loosen the eight screws holding the housing together.

Logitech Z-10 speaker with a removed faceplate - photo by KilmerMedia

6. Once the screws are loosened, slowly pull the housing apart. Be careful because the speaker wires don’t have much extra slack.

opened housing of a Logitech Z-10 speaker during teardown - photo by KilmerMedia

7. Using the needle-nose pliers, remove the speaker cable leads and the tweeter leads.

Logitech Z-10 speaker leads being removed - photo by KilmerMedia

With that, you should have successfully disassembled the Logitech Z-10 speakers.

disassembled Logitech Z-10 speaker - photo by KilmerMedia

In this case, it turns out the problem is a blown speaker, as you can see the tear in the cone. Boooooo!!!!

Logitech Z-10 blown speaker - photo by KilmerMedia


Written by Justin Kilmer

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