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European Getaway

Flying, running away from the sun. If we kept going, we would meet again in the middle of the world, and that’s probably just what we will do… reunite in the former, ancient middle of civilization.

It’s a long flight – L.A. to Chicago to Rome. The first flight was fun in a way, since there were two actresses I recognized on-board. One was Missi Pyle, who I last saw on TV when “The Artist” won “Picture of the Year” at the Oscars. Also, I met her at a film festival in Ohio four or five years ago but, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to say “hello” to her today. The other actress was Amy Ferguson, who played the hot girl in “Garden State.” Ya know, she’s the one that plays “Spin the Bottle,” then makes out with Zach Braff’s character? She smiled at me as she was walking by/boarding the plane, which I think put me in a trance.

As for now, on the second leg of the voyage, it feels like this flight has been going on forever. It’s the middle of the night, somewhere over the dark, cold, and lonely Atlantic. The longest voyage I have been on since I have been old enough to remember was to Hawaii – a mere six hour flight from home, compared to the fifteen hour trek to travel across the U.S., over the ocean, France, the Med. and, finally, Italy. It might be long, but I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it very soon…


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