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In Lieu of Board Games…

Tonight was “game night” at a friends house. Everyone invited was to B.Y.O.B. and a game. Scattergories is always a favorite of mine, so we packed that up and headed out.

Arriving fairly late in the evening, the partygoers were trying to finish up one of those games that just last forever because they aren’t so fun, so everyone gets caught up in conversation instead. Upon our arrival, they decided to put the ongoing game away and move on to something else. One guy knew of this game with the generic title “The Celebrity Game.” Each player is given eight small pieces of paper to write on. You then jot down the name of a celebrity or well-known fictional character on each sheet. Each sheet then gets folded in half and put in a hat.

Next, you form two teams, preferably with each having the same number of participants. Flip a coin or play rock, papers, scissors – do whatever you’ve got to do to decide which team will go first. The team that goes first has 60 seconds to guess as many of the celebrities or characters drawn out of the hat, based solely of verbal descriptions given by one player to the rest of the team. If you are stuck/your descriptions aren’t working out so well, you can put the sheet you are stuck on into a “pass” pile. You may pass a maximum of three times in each 60 second round.

Once the 60 seconds is up, you then count how many celebrities/characters your team was able to name, and that number is your score for that round. The “passed” sheets go back in the hat, and the names successfully answered go into a pile off to the side.

Each team takes turns until all the sheets from the hat are used, and then you figure up the score from round one.


ROUND TWO: For round two, start by putting all the sheets back in the hat. This is similar to round one, with the exception that each person pulling the name from the hat is only allowed to give ONE adjective to describe the celebrity or character on the sheet.

Just as in round one, each team is given 60 seconds per turn, and the teams takes turns back and forth until all the sheets have been guessed. Once this round is done, again put ALL the sheets back in the hat.


ROUND THREE: In this final round, the player pulling from the hat pantomimes something that represents the person/character on the sheet.

Once the sheets are all gone, the game is then over. Tally up the total scores for each team to determine the winner.

The game may (though I hope not) sound complicated, but it’s really very simple. If you have any questions about playing it or having any suggested revisions to make the rules more clear, please let me know. Otherwise, have FUN!


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